Kalpavriksha Fine Arts
By Meera Follow | Public

Kalpavrikasha Fine Arts, a performing arts company, founded in 2013 by three young local dancers; Meera Balasubramanian, Sruti Rao and Shruthi Ramesh with the aspirations of contributing to the Indian dance scene in Singapore.
Kalpavriksha, a term derived from Hindu mythology, denoting the ‘tree of fulfillment’ - the tree that grants all boons and instills happiness in all.

Kalpavriksha as an institution follows the same principle, of inculcating the spirit of joy and humility, innately imbibed in the arts. Rooted by the traditions of the classical arts and an ardent follower of the Kalakshetra style of Bharatanatyam,

Kalpavriksha branches out through performances, productions, teaching and learning, expressing the positive aesthetics of the art forms to the community-at-large.